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The National Healthcare Group (NHG) is a leader in public healthcare in Singapore, recognised at home and abroad for the quality of its medical expertise and facilities. Care is provided through an integrated network of primary healthcare polyclinics, acute care and tertiary hospitals, national specialty centres and business divisions. Together, they bring a rich legacy of 340 years of medical expertise to its philosophy of patient-centric care.

By designing accessible and seamless healthcare services around patients’ needs, NHG ensures that patient care is fully coordinated within the cluster and is also extended to high level collaboration with other healthcare providers at home and abroad.

Scholars in health administration will take on leadership roles in NHG. They will be groomed and developed as capable, well-rounded leaders in the public healthcare sector through rotation and exposure to diverse areas such as financial management, operations management, human resource and manpower planning.

At NHG, it values its people, and lets them know this in many ways – from awards to employee development and mentorship programmes. It continually tap new talent and invest in its pool of dedicated professionals and future leaders, spreading the group’s vision and commitment to Adding Years of Healthy Life.

Potential Career Path:

SgIS scholars can look forward to a life-long career path in the healthcare set-up with varied career tracks in operations and / or other areas of administration.  Structured development programmes will be provided to help them gain an understanding of critical functional areas and their interconnections, as well as develop the necessary skills required to manage cross-functional teams. Scholars are able to explore various multi-disciplinary pathways. This will bring out the best of their education and other strengths to the related field of studies. Through this programme, scholars will be developed to succeed in an ever-changing and dynamic environment.

Preferred Courses of Study:

  • All courses (excluding Dentistry, Law, Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and other healthcare-related disciplines)*

*For students who wish to study psychology, please note that you will not be practising as a clinical psychologist upon graduation.

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  • SgIS Team
    @J: You may wish to look at Course of Study page to choose an organisation that accepts your preferred course of study in university. Thank you.
    30 January 2015
  • J
    Singaporean, diploma in financial informatics in sp. Any possibilities?
    29 January 2015
  • SgIS Team
    @Thais: Thank you for your interest. Applicants have to be a singapore citizen or have already received citizenship at point of application. Thank you
    28 January 2015
  • Thais
    Hello, I'm currently a Singapore PR studying overseas but I plan to apply for citizenship after I've finished my tertiary studies. Am I eligible for SgIS if I plan to take up citizenship but have not yet done so at the time of application? I've been living in Singapore since I was very young. Thank you!
    27 January 2015
  • SgIS Team
    @Anish Kumar, Thank you for your interest. SgIS is a scholarship for full-time undergraduate studies in a local or overseas university. You may wish to refer to the different schemes to check if you are eligible. Thank you
    26 January 2015
  • Anish Kumar
    I have more than 10 years of IT experience. I wanted to pursue advanced skills. Am I eligible for studies/scholarship ?
    21 January 2015
  • SgIS Team
    @Rachel: You may wish to click on the Course of Study tab to find out which organisation accepts your course of study and decide if it is the company and industry in which you would like to pursue your future career in. Thank you
    20 January 2015
  • SgIS Team
    @Sharlene Due to the multi-industry nature of SgIS, as a SgIS scholar, you will have the opportunity to network with scholars from other industries and organisations. You will also have the opportunity to attend dialogue sessions to learn more on other industries apart from your own.
    20 January 2015
  • Rachel Low
    Hi, I'm currently completing a degree in Construction Management and would like to know if this scholarship would be of relevance to me?. Thank you.
    19 January 2015
  • sharlene
    Hi, could I ask what's the difference between applying for scholarships through SGIS and directly to the organisations themselves?
    18 January 2015
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