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The National Healthcare Group (NHG) is a leader in public healthcare in Singapore, recognised at home and abroad for the quality of its medical expertise and facilities. Care is provided through an integrated network of primary healthcare polyclinics, acute care and tertiary hospitals, national specialty centres and business divisions. Together, they bring a rich legacy of 340 years of medical expertise to its philosophy of patient-centric care.

By designing accessible and seamless healthcare services around patients’ needs, NHG ensures that patient care is fully coordinated within the cluster and is also extended to high level collaboration with other healthcare providers at home and abroad.

Scholars in health administration will take on leadership roles in NHG. They will be groomed and developed as capable, well-rounded leaders in the public healthcare sector through rotation and exposure to diverse areas such as financial management, operations management, human resource and manpower planning.

At NHG, it values its people, and lets them know this in many ways – from awards to employee development and mentorship programmes. It continually tap new talent and invest in its pool of dedicated professionals and future leaders, spreading the group’s vision and commitment to Adding Years of Healthy Life.

Preferred Courses of Study:

All courses (excluding Dentistry, Law, Medicine and other healthcare-related disciplines)

For students who wish to study psychology, please note that you will not be practising as a clinical psychologist upon graduation.

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  • Jeffrey
    Good day, would like to ask if the living allowance for SgIS is the rate standardized across the public service scholarship pool?
    18 December 2014
  • SgIS Team
    @hardy: You may wish to refer to SgIS Mid-Term Overseas for the scholarship details. The scholarship terms and conditions are the same regardless of sponsoring organisation or industry chosen. Thank you.
    24 November 2014
  • hardy
    i was wondering what are the scholarship available for middterm overseas for the aviation sector? thanks for your time!
    23 November 2014
  • SgIS Team
    @dave, yes, for Mid-Term, we will still take your pre-tertiary together with your tertiary results into considerations. Thank you.
    17 November 2014
  • dave
    thanks for the reply. for mid-term, will i still need to have 10 academic units for alevels? sorry for the inconvenience!
    17 November 2014
  • SgIS Team
    @Dave: SgIS 2015 cycle will begin in early January 2015, exact opening period will be released closer to date. You will still be considered eligible if you have not yet embark on your final year of studies at the point of application submission. Thank you.
    17 November 2014
  • dave
    hi, if i am due to graduate at the beginning of 2016 (which means 2015 fall semester is my last), am I eligible to apply for mid-term overseas scholarship? In Jan 2015, i will have exactly one academic year left.
    13 November 2014
  • SgIS Team
    @rex: Hi Rex, SgIS Full-Term is intended for students who are pursuing their undergraduate studies locally with the 5 universities listed on our website. Whereas SgIS Mid-Term are intended for students who are in the midst of their undergraduate studies. For more details about the various scholarships, you may wish to read them under the "Scholarship" section. Thanks!
    4 November 2014
  • SgIS Team
    @Kim: Hi, SgIS currently offers only Mid-Term Overseas to our scholars. Hope this helps. Thanks!
    4 November 2014
  • rex
    hi , whats the difference between full term and mid term application
    3 November 2014
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