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United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC)


As a world leading semiconductor foundry, UMC is recognized as an industry technology and manufacturing leader, employing over 17,000 employees worldwide. As manufacturing outsourcing steadily increases from fabless and IDM companies, the global foundry market is expected to outpace the rest of the semiconductor industry in terms of growth, with UMC at the forefront of this movement. As part of their dynamic workforce, UMC offers a friendly environment, challenging projects, and team-orientation to foster innovation and creativity. UMC employs a diverse workforce in worldwide offices spanning from Asia to Europe and the United States.

Potential Career Path 

UMC places great importance on employee salaries and benefits, and actively encourages personal development among its employees and the protection of employee rights in an effort to provide the best possible working environment.

UMC is integrating and utilizing its resources to provide an all-round and diverse learning environment to all of our employees regardless of gender, according to the type of work each employee does. UMC wants to cultivate and retain their talented employees by providing them with comprehensive and well-developed education & training.


Preferred Courses of Study

  • Engineering (Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Information Technology, Electronic Engineering, Engineering, Engineering Science, Engineering Systems & Design, Materials Engineering, Material Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Science (Chemistry)