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AcuMed Holdings Pte Ltd


AcuMed is a primary health service provider with over 40 years of experience in taking care of corporate clients and private patients. They provide a range of services that include panel services, specialist care, telemedicine, health coaching and dental care.

AcuMed is guided by their vision to improve the lives, health, and well-being of their patients, clients, team members and the community. While they have a long history, AcuMed understands the need for growth, and continuously seek to improve themselves and expand the business.

AcuMed plans to grow its network in Singapore and the region, including areas such as Indonesia and Malaysia. They have established partnerships and networks overseas, positioning themselves to take care of the region's population with an increasing focus on quality medical services.

Potential Career Path
“At AcuMed, we place a focus on developing our people.” 

Scholars can expect to go through a Management Trainee Programme specially designed to groom scholars to become future leaders of the company.

This Management Trainee Programme will expose scholars to different business functions such as Business Development, Marketing, Strategy, Accounts & Finance, Clinic Operations, across the company's various business units.

A mentor will guide the scholar along at each stage, ensuring a fruitful and deep learning experience. This allows scholars to gain experience in different functions, build up a strong foundation and have a deeper understanding of the business.

At the end of this Management Trainee Programme, scholars will be placed in one of the departments, and further groomed to take on leadership roles.

Scholars will be actively and deeply involved in AcuMed's expansion plans, guided by the senior management and groomed to take on leadership roles. This includes driving local and overseas projects, as well as leading departments and/or business units.

Preferred Courses of Study

  • Business & Accountancy (Accountancy, Business, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing)
  • Communications
  • Information & Communications Technology (Information Security, Information Systems, Information Systems Technology & Design)
  • Science (Pharmacy)