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Agency for Integrated Care


The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) was formed as an independent corporate entity under MOH Holdings (MOHH) to work with stakeholders and partners in developing the Community Care sector. 

In 2018, AIC was designated the single agency to coordinate the delivery of aged care services, and to enhance service development and capability-building across both the health and social domains. 

AIC's vision is for a vibrant care community enabling people to live well and age gracefully. AIC's mission is to achieve the best care outcome for their clients by improving access to appropriate care for them and their caregivers; grow and develop the primary and community care sector; and to transform the care community to support aging-in-place.   

Singapore's health system is transforming itself to prepare for the aging population and AIC plays an important role towards patient-centric and integrated care. This transformation presents numerous meaningful opportunities for AIC employees - from finding better ways to support their clients to age gracefully in the communities they desire, co-developing innovative new care models with the healthcare partners, to working with different healthcare institutions to develop a seamless patient care journey.

Potential Career Path
As a scholar, you are expected to perform at the highest standards, uphold client-centricity and embody AIC's core values. You will have the opportunity to be exposed to the entire range of AIC's work, including working with patients and families on their care needs, developing partnerships with stakeholders across the entire healthcare continuum and improving AIC through corporate functions. 

You can expect to be groomed and developed through structured developmental programmes. These programmes are structured to equip the scholars with exposure, knowledge and networks to embark on a meaningful career with AIC.

Varied career paths are possible in any of the four broad areas of work at AIC; Stakeholder Partnership, Client Engagement, Care Development, and Organisational Excellence. Structured developmental programmes are provided to develop each scholar to excel in a meaningful career at AIC.

Preferred Courses of Study

  • Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (Economics, Political Science, Psychology*, Sociology)
  • Business & Accountancy (Business, Finance, Marketing)
  • Communications
*For students who wish to study psychology, please note that you will not be practising as a clinical psychologist upon graduation.