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Natural Resources

Singapore's vision of becoming a natural resource hub is fast becoming a reality. Its strategic position in resource-rich Asia makes Singapore a choice location for world-class natural resource companies.

Singapore aims to be a nerve centre that plays a part in fulfilling global demand for natural resources, and creates technologies to ensure future sustainability. Presently, the growing number of international companies has generated a buzz of activity. Many of the agri-commodity players in Singapore today have also moved beyond trading functions to establish significant activities along the business value chain, including marketing, trade finance, shipping, and even shared services operations here.

Growth Opportunities
Increasingly, we are seeing global consumption and production patterns shift from the West to Asia Pacific. Singapore is also located in the centre of a region which is home to some of the top producers of several commodities. Hence companies in the commodities or natural resources business are finding it attractive to choose Singapore as the epicentre of their operations. As a global business city, Singapore’s well-established trading infrastructure and comprehensive network of international agreements, backed by our financial, logistics and shipping industries, our pro-business environment, political and economic stability, efficient legal system and a highly-qualified workforce, are key pull factors for companies choosing Singapore as the nerve centre for their operations in the region.

Fun Facts
  • Singapore is the region’s premier hub for oil & gas.  
  • Within four decades, Singapore has transformed its vulnerability in water into its strength with the development of major national water projects such as NEWater, the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System and the Marina Barrage.