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Singapore LNG Corporation Pte Ltd


Singapore LNG Corporation Pte Ltd (SLNG) was incorporated in June 2009 to build, own and operate Singapore’s very first open-access, multi-user LNG Terminal. This is a key infrastructure that supports Singapore’s energy diversification strategy and future economic development in the energy sector. 

With more than 95% of electricity in Singapore being generated using natural gas, the SLNG Terminal serves to enhance the country’s energy security by enabling natural gas to be shipped to Singapore from anywhere in the world. It also serves as a platform to facilitate the establishment of new LNG-related businesses, thereby contributing to the growth of Singapore’s energy industry and the creation of new job opportunities. 

The Terminal began commercial operations in May 2013 and its primary mandate is to provide Throughput Services for the domestic market, mainly in power generation. Beyond this, SLNG also offers ancillary services such as Vessel Cool-down, Storage & Reload, and LNG Truck Loading services. 

SLNG will continuously explore new LNG business opportunities as it pursues its vision to be a world-class LNG terminal operator enabling the growth of the energy market and LNG hub in Singapore.

Potential Career Path
At SLNG, they are committed to help grow Singapore’s pool of LNG Talent and establish the company as a world-class terminal operator. 

Scholars who join them will have the rare opportunity to be amongst the pioneers of Singapore’s LNG industry, and enjoy the thrills and challenges of being at the forefront of an exciting and fast-growing field. 

They will be exposed to the full spectrum of SLNG's business operations through a structured 18-month programme that offers great learning and development opportunities through internal on-the-job training, external training, job rotation and job enlargement. 

They will also be part of an organisation that cares for its people, and enjoy working in a closely-knitted environment.

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Preferred Courses of Study

  • Engineering (Chemical Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering)