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SBS Transit Ltd


SBS Transit is a leading public bus and train service provider with a workforce of more than 10,000 people. As a member of the ComfortDelGro Group, which operates in seven countries, including the UK and Australia, SBS Transit believe that their people are the most important resource. 

Today, SBS Transit operates more than 200 bus services with a fleet of about 3,000 buses. It also operates the North East Line, which is the world's first fully automated and underground heavy rail system as well as the Light Rail System in Punggol and Sengkang. More recently, it operates Singapore's newest and longest MRT Line - the Downtown Line - which is 42km-long with 34 stations.

Potential Career Path
SBS Transit offers ample opportunities for its people to grow and develop their careers within the organisation, as well as further afield through SBS Transit's parent, ComfortDelGro Corporation. 

SBS Transit believes that any organisation can only be as good as its people. This is why their people are SBS Transit’s prized assets and they give them opportunities for training and development to help their people grow in their job scope and responsibilities. 

SBS Transit takes into consideration their strengths and deploys them to areas where their potential can be optimised, yet bearing in mind their preferences where possible. In some cases, SBS Transit will second them to different business units under the Group to further develop their leadership and management capabilities. This balances the individual aspirations of outstanding employees while meeting the organisational requirements for succession planning. 

Employees can aspire to grow through the ranks:
  • Vice President / Assistant Vice President
  • Senior Manager
  • Assistant Manager / Manager
  • Executive / Senior Executive

Preferred Courses of Study

  • Engineering