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Showa Denko HD (Singapore) Pte Ltd


Showa Hard Disk Media

For a long time, Data has been an integral part of the society. In recent years, Big Data has been established as the essential component for continuous growth of many business sectors. Data Storage Requirement has in turn, grown significantly. Showa Denko, with worldwide facilities in Japan, Taiwan and Singapore has been continuously developing and manufacturing Hard Disk Media to support this continuous explosion of data growth.

In Showa, their 3-prong worldwide approach to Business Excellence is -- Commitment to Results, Emphasis on Speed and Growth with Changes. Scholars with our company will work in such environment towards the development and manufacture of Best In Class HD media. Japan (their advanced R&D plant), Singapore (Showa flagship manufacturing plant with local RD capabilities) and Taiwan & Japan (other manufacturing sites) shall be excellent platforms for scholars to be exposed to the journey from Research to High Volume Production.  

Potential Career Path 

Scholars shall join the company as Engineer and can move through the ranks to Senior Engineering and Principal Engineer. Staff will also have an option to continue their senior career with management-focus or engineering-focus. There are also opportunities for secondment to other manufacturing sites for wider exposure and growth. 

Preferred Courses of Study  
  • Engineering (Electronic Engineering, Material Science & Engineering,  Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics)
  • Science (Chemistry, Physics)