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Singapore Airlines Limited


Singapore Airlines' undergraduate scholarship scheme was started in 1977, with the objective of identifying and recruiting talent for management positions within the Singapore Airlines Group.

To achieve this goal, they are looking for outstanding individuals committed to building Singapore Airlines as a world-class airline. As a global company, they offer diverse career opportunities, both within the parent airline company as well as their subsidiaries. Singapore Airlines scholars now hold important and challenging appointments in Singapore and overseas, some at the senior management level.

Potential Career Path 
On completion of your studies, you will be deployed on various career tracks, depending on their manpower needs.

You will be given general management roles and be involved in analysing, planning, reviewing, and implementing policies, as well as working with teams on business projects. You will enjoy opportunities for job rotation, and if you are so inclined, you may apply to join the Overseas Managers Scheme.

Preferred Courses of Study 
  • All courses (excluding Architecture, Biomedical, Biotechnology, Healthcare-related courses, Law and Pharmacy)