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ST Logistics

About ST Logistics
ST Logistics is a Singapore-based company with more than 40 years of experience providing Supply Chain Management and Integrated Logistics Solutions to the Defence, Government and Healthcare sectors. It is an acquisition of Toll since 2006, with an investment made by NTUC Enterprise in 2018.

Today, ST Logistics generates annual revenues in excess of $315 million with more than 1,000 employees worldwide. Their best-in-class solutions has broadened into the commercial sectors.

These developments epitomise their passion to understand the needs and challenges of their customers. ST Logistics conceptualise, develop and manage – with the aim of delivering end-to-end solutions designed for each partner in the region.

Vision 2025
Using the three tenets of their Vision 2025, ST Logistics strive to be the Leader of the National Supply Chain Ecosystem, especially in the supply chain operations for the ‘Whole-of-Government’ sector. 

These 3 tenets are namely.
1. To be the Partner of Choice With a Sense of Purpose
2. Extending Leadership over the Supply Chain Industry
3. Growing Significant Business in Singapore taking a 'Whole-of-Government' Approach

Their Mission
To develop and deliver sustainable and innovative solutions by partnering their customers to understand and address their supply chains needs and challenges.

Their Business
The ST Logistics business is broken down into 4 major sectors – Aviation, Defence, Healthcare and Public Sector. This is largely driven by the fields of their major customers.

Why students should choose ST Logistics? 
ST Logistics believes that a talented and diverse workforce committed to Continuous Improvement in all that it does, is a key competitive advantage and its success is a reflection of the quality and skills of its people.

ST Logistics is committed to groom talents to be ready for a digital, automated future in logistics and supply chain – creating a new generation of leaders for the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry. This is evident with their recognition in 2017 by Tripartite Alliance for Fair & Progressive Employment Practices as a Human Capital Partner and commended for their efforts in investing in human capital development and adopting fair & progressive workplace practices.  In 2018, ST Logistics is honoured to win the highest skills award for employers viz the SkillsFuture Employer Award 2018 from the Government of Singapore. This award honours exemplary employers who develop and chart skills-based career pathways for their employees. 

ST Logistics takes reference to the Skills Framework in the development of its Route of Advancement for the different positions and roles within the company.  The Route of Advancement maps out the skill sets and competency trainings for positions at various levels, as well as those required in order for an employee to progress to the next level from where they are currently at. 

Potential Career Path
ST Logistics takes pride to deploy talents across spectrums of operational and functional roles within its group of companies. This is carefully planned with strong emphasis to stretch our talents’ potential along with leadership development. ST Logistics strive to nurture future leaders by providing a progressive environment to thrive in the various talent management programmes. 

Scholars would be given a head-start by having internship opportunities in various operational roles within its group of companies during their University studies. Upon graduation, they will then undergo a 2 years Graduate Programme as management trainees. 

The objective of this programme is to develop a pool of diverse future leadership talent across Toll Group and Japan Post, with a strong understanding of the transport and logistics industry.  

The program provides a structured training program that includes on-the-job training where scholars will be exposed viz business verticals rotations across ST Logistics and Toll Group to gain practical knowledge and experience. In which, they will be given a 4-months global rotational opportunity across the company’s three operating divisions. 

Upon completion of the Program, ST Logistics take consideration in where the graduates will be deployed taking in consideration their strengths and where their potentials can be maximized to develop individual expertise.

During employment, ST Logistics scholars will also look forward to development support to be part of the pool of diverse future logistics leadership talent across Toll Group and Japan Post, with a strong understanding of the transport and logistics industry. 

Preferred Courses of Study

  • All courses (excluding Healthcare-related disciplines) with preference in:
    • Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (Economics)
    • Business & Accountancy (Business, Business Analytics)
    • Engineering (Industrial & Systems Engineering, Materials Engineering, Material Science & Engineering)
    • Supply Chain Management